The Phantom Resistance


The Phantom cell was a growing resistance movement that had connections with the Alderaanian Resistance. The cell was created to be independent from any other resistance and being dependent on Organa’s network for information and even funding.

Rise of the Empire

The Phantom Resistance was created as a base with a vision to establish a good foothold against the growing Empire until there would be a opportunity to strike. The idea of the creation behind it came from Jarran Vaus who thought they needed a larger area on where to operate rather then putting all able resistance fighters on the Resurgence. Pet Park was through his contacts able to find a abandoned mining facility that had received damage during the Clone Wars. All their resources went into providing the resistance a base by clearing up the hostile debris from the former warzone, that was located in a dense asteroid field. The area had little strategic resources but was within the confines of the Empire. Meaning with the base, they could be able to strike at the Empire from within more easily.


Notable figures

Jem Colton
Pet Park
Jarran Vaus




The Phantom Base
Fudd’s Mechanics


Personell and troops
Less then a dozen of soldiers.
Gregro Mertik was the mechanic on Phantom Base
Insha Sadré was the doctor on Phantom Base

1 Jedi freighter
2 Baudo class starships
2 Z-95 Headhunters

The Phantom Resistance

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