Astrographical information

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Thanium Worlds
System: Felucia system
Suns: 1: Felix
Orbital position: 4
Moons: 2
Grid coordinates: R-6
Trade routes: Perlemian Trade Route
Rotation period: 34 standard hours
Orbital period: 231 local days

Physical information

Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 9,100 kilometers
Atmosphere: Type I and Type II (Shu Mai’s Compound)
Climate: Hot and humid
Gravity: 75%
Primary terrain: Fungus forests


Felucia was a colorful, humid jungle planet located in the Felucia system of the Outer Rim. Being a key planet for control of the Perlemian Trade Route, it was the location of several battles between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, and later at least one Imperial outpost.

“The worst thing about Felucia is the rancor!”
―Unidentified civilian

Felucia had a diversity of bizarre plants, fungi, and animals which were almost rubber-like and translucent, as well as enormous Pitchers. When the sun shone, the environment glittered like multicolored glass. Most of Felucia was entirely covered by a humid, fetid landscape of huge fungal forests, and its wildlife included native gelagrubs, immigrated acklays, and a prodigious sarlacc. Felucia had strong ties to the Living Force, and as such the world’s flora and fauna, including Jungle Felucians, could be influenced by a presence of a strong Force-user, both light and dark. Most plants and animals of Felucia had adapted special defenses to protect them from each other, which made them particularly hostile to the off-worlders. Felucia was known to radiate a sort of life force that the native Jungle Felucians were capable of feeling.


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