Cloud City Sabacc Tournament

The Cloud City Sabacc Tournament was a sabacc competition held in Cloud City, Bespin.

The 17 BBY tournament was the site of a confrontation between Darga the Hutt, the Galactic Empire, and the Alderaanian Resistance.

Tournament rules

The tournament was four days in duration, and attracted the the galaxy’s best players. The “buy-in” amount was 10,000 credits. Each day, over half the competitors would be eliminated, until one table remained for the final game.


The Empire, Darga, and the Alderaanian Resistance, 17 BBY

This particular tournament was held in the Royal Casino, attracting over fifty competitors. At the second day’s conclusion, the remaining competitors were Lieutenant Armen Arandis, Content Not Found: creeska_, Content Not Found: silas-draver_, Content Not Found: lady-mirana-fioro, Captain Koroma Moro, Content Not Found: vorn-zaday, Szygar and Miko Curran.

The PCs infiltrated the event in order to track down Darga the Hutt and learn more about the Sarlacc Project. The Resistance believed that Darga and Lt. Arandis were using the tournament as a cover-up to exchange funds in a clandestine deal involving tibanna and slaves—all part of the Sarlacc Project. Toward the end of the tournament, Lt. Arandis lost all his winnings to Fioro in an unusual tactic. This move revealed to the Resistance that Fioro was Darga’s agent in the transaction.
The finalists were Fioro, Moro, Zaday, and Draver, though the end of the tournament was marred by a violent awards ceremony. Competitor Silas Draver attempted to steal access codes of the bank account holding the total winnings, taking Fioro as a hostage. Draver’s stunt was thwarted by the Alderaanian Resistance and security. Both Silas Draver and Lt. Arandis was killed in the skirmish.

Cloud City Sabacc Tournament

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