Building a Rebel base

Building a Rebel base

Building a base takes time and is costly but is the safest bet when you wish to keep the base a secret. One could build a entire base in a secure location by excavating room for a base or use a natural cave system. Other ways to go about it is reusing old buildings that can even be right under the nose of the Imperial banner if one is careful enough.

Essential compoments of a base:

Living quarters

Living quarters are needed for the PC’s and other essential personel within a rebel base. Living quarters contains the basic with beds, refreshers, a mess hall, kitchen and storage. The living quarters can house dozens of people at the time.

This can be taken up to four times and each time it adds a minion group of five that can acompany the PC’s group.

5000 credits

Power generator

Needed to run the base and all of it’s power required components. The generator is isolated in a radiation proof room with ion protection from the outside.

There can be two power generators that are seperate with one as a back up in case there would be a problem with the other.

1000 credits

Meeting room

Before and after rebel missions information is usually distributed in something called brefing and debrefing. A meeting room is specificly made for a large amount of personel on a base to be able to tend such a meeting and the room offers not only tools for the information to be more accessible for everyone. The room contains one large holo projector and the room is often shaped round to allow all eyes to be pointed to thr middle without creating distance between the speaker and the audiance.

This can only be picked once.

2500 credits


Increased Core Focus

The size and scope of the Rebel base grows, increasing the scale of operations. If the facility is a safe house, increase the number of rooms available within the facility. If it is focused upon research or training, then increase the number of workers and available technology. A facility devoted to maintaining weapons, vehicles, or other equipment could have its capacity similarly increased. Once per month, each PC can leverage the base’s new expanded resources when attempting to acquire a piece of equipment. For purposes of that check, the item’s rarity is decreased by 1 for each time this upgrade has been selected.

This upgrade may be taken up to four additional times.

2,500 credits

Enhanced Security

Base security improves, better protecting the rebels within (and their secrecy). When this upgrade is purchased, select one of the following:

  • All buildings (or doors within the space station) gain electronic locks that can be opened only with a Hard Computers check
  • The base gains reinforced armor, giving it an armor value of 2 (weapons unable to inflict more than 2 planetary scale damage cannot damage the buildings).
  • The base gains reinforced shields, granting it defense 2 against weapons attacks from outside.
  • The base gains security cameras that can be accessed from a central control room.
  • The base gains a concealed heavy repeating blaster turret that covers the main entrance and has a Gunnery skill of 2 and an Agility of 0 (if unassisted, it rolls 00 for Gunnery checks).

This upgrade may be purchased two additional times, each time selecting a different option.

10,000 credits

NPC Ally

The base includes an NPC ally who can help the party with certain tasks. This might be another member of the Alliance, or a local employed at the base, possibly not realizing the PCs’ true motives.

  • An NPC doctor who can heal characters at the base and treat ailments. The doctor has an Intellect of 3 and 2 ranks in Medicine. He has medical supplies allowing him to perform Medicine checks without penalty.
  • An NPC mechanic who can repair items, droids, starships, and vehicles. The mechanic has an Intellect of 3, 2 ranks in Mechanics, and 2 ranks in Computers. He has a tool kit allowing him to perform Mechanics checks without penalty.
  • An NPC pilot who can operate ground or space vehicles. The pilot has an Agility of 3, an Intellect of 2, 2 ranks in Piloting (Planetary), 2 ranks in Piloting (Space), and 2 ranks in Astrogation.

If the GM needs a full profile for these NPCs, he should assume they have a 2 in all other characteristics and no ranks in any additional skills.

This upgrade may be taken up to two additional times, with a different NPC being chosen each time.

2,000 credits

Medical Facility

The base includes an infirmary, stocked to handle battlefield injuries and any other medical crises. The medical facility has cots and treatment space for five patients, medical supplies (allowing characters to perform Medicine checks without penalty), and two bacta tanks with supplies of bacta.

This upgrade may be taken up to three times, increasing the number of patients it can accommodate by five and the number of bacta tanks by one each time.

6,000 credits

Hangar and Repair Bay

The base includes a hangar where mechanics can store and repair vehicles and droids.
The hangar holds a number of vehicles with a combined silhouette of 30 and no single vehicle larger than silhouette 5 It also includes a full set of mechanics’ tools (allowing characters to perform Mechanics checks to heal droids or repair vehicles or starships without penalty), and an oil bath for droids. When used to repair starships or vehicles, the character repairs 2 additional hull trauma or 2 additional system strain on a successful check.

This upgrade may be taken up to two additional times, either to add additional landing bays or to increase the combined silhouette limit of the original bay by 1 5 (although the maximum vehicle size remains at silhouette 5).

8,500 credits


The base includes a substantial store of weapons, armor, and basic military equipment sufficient to properly outfit a full squad of soldiers for an extended period.
Equipment and tools necessary to keep gear in good repair are also present (allowing characters to perform Mechanics checks to repair and modify weapons and armor without penalty). The facility is also stocked with any weapons and equipment that would have a modified rarity of 5 or lower. Access to gear with a higher rarity is subject to GM discretion.

This upgrade can be taken only once.

® 9,500 credits

Training Facility

The base features living quarters to accommodate a full platoon of soldiers, as well as equipment and facilities necessary to train them to serve in the Rebel Alliance. This includes combat simulators, lecture halls, and gyms. Trainees typically occupy the facility at all times.
At the GM’s discretion, the Player Characters may call upon trainees or instructors to assist with a current mission. In addition, when selecting this upgrade, choose one of the following skills: Brawl, Gunnery, Knowledge (Warfare), Melee, Ranged (Light), or Ranged (Heavy). This skill is the training curriculum’s focus, and counts as a career skill for all PCs operating out of the base.

This upgrade can be taken only once.

15,000 credits


The base is equipped with lab facilities where scientists and engineers can safely conduct experiments, create new devices, and seek various technological breakthroughs. A laboratory includes a full suite of scientific implements (allowing characters to perform Computers, Knowledge, Medicine, and Mechanics checks for experimental purposes without penalty). Additionally, characters in a laboratory add two advantage-small-dce4be06b0c94623211e1b918a079a23895c8e86292346483c1b21978045f9c9.png to such checks thanks to the safety equipment.

This upgrade can only be taken once.

5,000 credits

Command and Control Center

The base possesses a dedicated space from which people can broadcast to the whole base, track the activities of agents in the field, and monitor information about the base and its surroundings. This facility grants occupants BoostDie.gif on Computers, Leadership, and Vigilance checks.

This upgrade can only be taken once.

4,000 credits

Research Library

The base has a set of computers, databases, or other informational archives that allow its occupants to reference relevant materials as necessary. A research library contains reference materials on all manner of subjects (allowing characters to make Knowledge checks to acquire information without penalty).

This upgrade can only be taken once.

3,000 credits

Building a Rebel base

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