Astrographical information


Region: Ringali Shell, Core Worlds
Sector: Bormea sector
System: Brentaal system
Suns: 1: Brenta
Orbital position: 4
Moons: 2
Grid coordinates: L-9
Trade routes: Hydian Way, Corsin Run, Brentaal–Denon Route, Perlemian Trade Route, Commenor Run
Rotation period: 23 standard hours
Orbital period: 342 standard days

Physical information

Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 11,242 kilometers
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Primary terrain: Urban, ice caps, mountains
Surface water: Large oceans

Societal information

Immigrated species: Humans
Primary languages: Old Brentaal, Galactic Basic Standard
Government: Brentaal Houses
Population: 65 billion (88% Human)
Demonym: Brentaalan
Major cities: Cormond (capital), Curovao, Oradin, Votrad, Vuultin
Major imports: Trade goods, foodstuffs
Major exports: Trade goods, financial services


Brentaal IV, known more commonly as Brentaal, was a planet in the Brentaal system of the Core Worlds’s Bormea sector and one that occupied what was arguably the most valuable location in the entire galaxy: the intersection of the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Route, two of the galaxy’s major hyperlanes. The fourth planet in orbit around the star Brenta, Brentaal had two moons and was located in the Ringali Shell, a string of star systems along the Perlemian that were near the Ringali Nebula. An arid world with warm and temperate weather, Brentaal featured two large polar caps and an equator marked by deserts and steaming oceans; most of the planet’s available land was dominated by warehouses, cargo holding facilities, commerce exchanges, and other trade-related structures. Brentaal’s capital of Cormond and its Trade Hall were the seat of power on the planet, with the hundreds of Brentaal Houses—the influential families that ran the planet’s trade guilds—represented the citizens in Brentaal’s democractic government.

“We have taken every precaution to ensure visitors enjoy their stay on Brentaal. The Kallea Cycle is an important part of this planet’s—and indeed the Core Worlds’—culture. We want to avoid having anyone’s experience marred by the activities of criminal elements.”
―Inspector Zanza Gata

As a result of its location along the Perlemian Trade Route, Brentaal was a major commerce hub that became an economic power when it joined the Galactic Republic sometime before 22,000 BBY, as it served as a checkpoint for traffic entering the Republic along the Perlemian. A Brentaalan hyperspace scout named Freia Kallea further bolstered her homeworld’s affluence and economic power when she charted the Hydian Way around 3700 BBY, making Brentaal the only planet to sit at the intersection of two galactic superhighways. Brentaal’s economic importance made it a frequent target of military conquests; conflicts such as the New Sith Wars, the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War all saw the planet become a battleground at least once as various governments and factions fought to control Brentaal’s vital hyperspace junction.

Orbiting the planet are numerous satellites and stations, including the Sel Zonn Station.


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