Baudo Class


Production information

Manufacturer: Mendel Baudo
Model: Baudo-class star yacht
Class: Light freighter
Cost: 400,000 credits (250,000 used)

Technical specifications

Length: 32 meters
Maximum atmospheric speed: 1,200 km/h
Hyperdrive rating: Class 2.0, Backup Class 7.0
Armament: Laser cannon turret (1)
Crew: 1
Passengers: 8
Cargo capacity: 35 tons
Consumables: 1 month

As a sporting yacht, the ship was mostly used as a pleasure vehicle by affluent beings. Baudos were not beloved by most bulk freighter pilots, who disliked being passed on the spacelanes. The ship itself was described as having a resemblance to some sea creatures. Baudo-class yachts were equipped with a powerful sublight drive for good speed in normal space. The single laser cannon in the standard version of the yacht was not only installed for looks—several precise hits could make pirates change their minds. Mirax Terrik’s Pulsar Skate was a highly modified Baudo-class star yacht, and certainly the most famous ship of this type.
The Baudo-class yacht was produced by the shipyards owned by Mendel Baudo, and each ship was custom-built to the specifications of its owner. This meant that each ship was unique in some way from all others, although the underlying drive systems remained common. Because these ships were not exceptionally fast or complicated, the Baudo-class yacht found a following among amateur and experienced pilots. However, purchasing one of these ships required that a customer was referred to Mendel Baudo by another being who had purchased one, since Baudo refused to take orders without a reference. Build time could take as much as a standard year, depending on the amount of customization, because Mendel Baudo personally ensured that each ship was perfect.

Baudo Class

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