Astrographical information

Alderaan.jpg Region: Core Worlds
Sector: Alderaan sector
System: Alderaan system
Suns: Alderaan
Orbital position: 2
Moons: 1
Grid coordinates: M-10
Rotation period: 24 standard hours
Orbital period: 364 local days

Physical information

Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 12,500 kilometers
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Climate: Temperate

“The galaxy knows Alderaan as “the planet of beauty.” Nature, poetry, philosophy, art, couture, cuisine—we freely share all with all."
―Bail Organa


Alderaan, located in the Core Worlds, was the second planet in the Alderaan system. Renowned galaxy-wide for their planet’s unspoiled beauty, refined culture, and commitment to peace, Alderaanians worked with and around the land to preserve as much of the natural surroundings as they could.

Originally the home of the Killiks, Alderaan was later conquered by Humans.
Despite a battle during the Great Galactic War and a civil war during the subsequent Cold War, Alderaan remained peaceful during much of galactic history.

From space, the planet of Alderaan, located in the star system of the same name, appeared as a blue-green orb envelopped in a white web of clouds. Its surface had vast bodies of water and was covered in snow-capped mountains, with patches of green grassy hills. Alderaan was known to the galaxy as “the planet of beauty.” Famous natural landmarks of Alderaan included the Cloudshape Falls and the Isatabith rain forest.

The cities on Alderaan were carefully designed to respect the natural beauty of their environment. For example, the palace of the royal family and the city around it blended into the local snow-capped peaks. Alderaanian architecture made use of white synthstone, which inspired the architecture of certain mining economies of the Outer Rim Territories, like the floating colony of Cloud City, and the planets Lothal and Garel.


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