Admiral Ulryk Tenebos Vaus

Admiral_Vaus.JPG Ulryk was brought up in a family of strict discipline and devotion to duty, values he fully internalized. Though he entered the academy as a relatively young man, he quickly settled into the routines of discipline and stood out among his comrades for his military skill and devotion. Ulryk was never honest with himself and if one was pointed out to him, he usually took offense. Ulryk also developed a strong self-confidence at the same time that he had little regard for others, which caused many others to consider him arrogant.

He began to his military service as a young man and rose fast through the ranks and showed strict sense of duty in which he was willing to fire on friends in the line of duty, though he made every effort to avoid having to do so.

He was given an entirely new purpose in life and many more responsibilities when he was appointed the head of the family. Though he never liked politics, he felt a strong sense of duty to lead the family and was able to treat the heavy burden of leadership at the age of twenty-eight. As a leader, Ulryk was a conservationist, looking to preserve the family tradition within the navy and do what was right, but he was also adept at political maneuvering in the interest of what he believed to be right.

Ulryk had been somewhat attracted to Senga as soon as they met, but only began romancing her as they met in the senate. Ulryk openly admitted to himself that she would not be considered suitable as a wife for the good of the family, but was drawn to her nevertheless. He felt uncomfortable with public displays of affection as he was wary of making social missteps due to his strict upbringing.

Ulryk got two sons with Senga, Jorei the heir, and the goodhearted Jarran. Jorei was everything that Ulryk had hoped for, he was obedient and had a commanding presence that showed at a very early age. Jarran however was too much like his mother Senga, which Ulryk viewed as weakness and a disease for the family tradition. But Ulryk was robbed of his eldest son Jorei, who was sent to the Jedi Temple because of his connection to the force. Ulryk tried many times to use his political influence to get his son back but failed due to the Jedi’s persistence to keep the boy. This started an enormous resentment that grew inside Ulryk for years and years, but Ulryk switched his focus to the second son, grooming him to be the heir if needed. Ulryk did try one last time to convince Jorei to come back, many years after he had been sent to the temple. Jorei was then nothing like Ulryk had raised him to be and this created an even bigger resentment for the Jedi.

During the Clone War, Ulryk served as a captain on a Ventor-class Star Destroyer. It was under the war he showed great skill in warfare and was promoted to Admiral with the reformation of the Republic to the Empire. Ultimately showing great loyalty to the Empire in the time following Order 66, even though his own son was a Jedi. A few short lived rumours also had it that he had his younger son Jarran pull back just before the order.

In his twilight years, Ulryk took his second son and turned him into the heir of the family. Trying to force decision upon Jarran and make him go through the Navy Academy like all the other family members had before him. Ulryk was willing to go as far as possible as long as it meant that he got to preserve the family tradition in the end. But Jarran was distraught by the belief that his brother was dead and fled from the academy.

“My son and heir is in the fringe worlds, buying whores, gambling and doing misdeeds.
Find him and bring him to me. It’s time he stop playing the child, stop mourning his dead brother and takes responsibility”.
-Admiral Vaus

When Jarran was declared missing, Admiral Vaus ordered a doctor to falsify a medical condition that said that Jarran had been in a speeder accident and was therefor put on hold at the academy. Admiral Vaus patience that his son would come back has over time faded and would soon begin to hunt him down.

But by 3638 ATC, Jarran had returnerad home and finished his studies at the Academy. As Ulryk pulled the strings behind the scenes combined with Jarran’s previous military career Ulryk would make sure his youngest son landed the rank of commander on the new Assidious Imperial Star Destroyer and as the second in command to inquisitor Valin.

A year after his assignment Ulryk’s son betrayed the Empire and with that Ulryk was now without heirs to Vaus Legacy.

Admiral Ulryk Tenebos Vaus

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