Venn Jondi

Fierce commander of the imperial landing crew on Ilum


Venn Jondi is a near-human in his early 30’s. His snow-white hair is buzz-cut close to his scalp and his piercing gaze matches the color of his hair. A jagged scar trails from his left temple and across his cheek and lips, giving him a haggard appearance.
As the mission on Ilum is semi-covert, he is not wearing his regular uniform, but instead is dressed in sturdy clothes more suitable for the task at hand.
Like most of his Echani brethren, Jondi prefers melee weapons over blaster and will favor closing the gap between him and his prey as swiftly as possible before using his force pike to assault with deadly precision.


Venn Jondi was a middle-aged Echani male who served the Galactic Empire as an Imperial Guard and rose through the ranks to commander. As the Alderaanian Resistance rose in influence and power, Jondi was ordered to bring Keirynn Vaus away from the Imperial Center and to the planet of Ilum in an attempt to prove to her that the Jedi was utterly destroyed and her brother-in-law, Jedi Knight Jorei Vaus in fact was a terrorist and a public enemy, and also through removing her from the Imperial Center prevent her husband Jarran Vaus to contact her as he fallen from the Empire’s grace and is now a wanted criminal after his defection.

Planetside at Ilum, the Phantom Resistance assaulted the group of guards in order to rescue Keirynn Vaus and also an unidentified Jedi in their custody. As the battle raged, the Phantom Resistance managed to sneak into the Jedi Temple by the help of the Jedi prisoner leaving the Imperials stranded on the frigid surface of Ilum with night closing.

Venn Jondi

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