Valin Draco

Valin Draco was a male Human Jedi Knight who turned to the dark side and joined the Galactic Empire.


Nearly 2 meters tall, with closely cropped hair and a lantern jaw, Valin Draco looks every bit the heroic Jedi he once was. Left for dead and stranded on Parein II’s fourth moon, a weakened Draco was stalked by a nighthunter. Ultimately, Draco subdued the beast in a vicious confrontation, but not before the creature bit off his left thumb and clamped its massive fangs down around his throat. Draco has since replaced the missing thumb with a cybernetic substitute, while masking the glaring scars around his neck with the high collar of his Inquisitor’s tunic.

“These are dark times, and I know that you’ve suffered great losses, that you wrestle with the same concerns of virtue and compromise that I did as a Jedi, the same concerns that have plagued the conscientious since time immemorial"
- Valin Draco


The former Padawan of Master Denia, Jedi Draco, the “Valiant Dragon,” embraced his role as a Republic commander in the Clone Wars wholeheartedly.
However, at some point during the conflict, his heady determination to defeat the Separatist threat evolved into something pernicious, and he turned to the Dark Side.

“Pray that you have not summoned the Empire on a fool’s errand, for the Inquisitorius is not gentle with those who deal with Jedi.”
―Valin Draco

Valin Draco

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