Quarren Bouncer


The cantina’s bouncer leans against the wall just outside the tavern’s front door. His dress is stylish, albeit cheap, and he examines each of you with a practiced gaze that tells you he’s been doing this for a while. His stern expression gives you a silent warning: “Mind your manners.”


Tekkur was affiliated with the Confederacy only by the virtue of his Quarren heritage. He recognized that his people were disenfranchised by the Clone Wars, but he dodn’t see much point in carrying on the grudge.
He merely wanted to go on living his life as best he could, despite the fact that he lived in one of the worst places on the planet.
He worked as a bouncer in the Invisible Hand for almost a year and had found it to be a relatively quiet job. The clientele was peaceful, for the most part, though some political arguments got heated and needed an occasional reality check to cool them off. Tekkur wasn’t overly fond of Humans, but he tolerated them as long as they minded their manners.


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