Tavik Moern

ISB agent.


The Human looks to be the same one depicted in the hologram that Admiral Varth sent you. His brown hair is medium length, and his brown eyes regard you with apprehension. He wears a set of grease-stained coveralls, a tool belt, and a pair of scuffed workman’s boots.


Tavik Moern was a young and idealistic Human operative who worked for the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). He was of medium height, mildly handsome yet unimposing in appearance, with medium-length brown hair, brown eyes, and three days’ worth of beard growth on his cheeks and chin. He dressed in the manner of a technical laborer—stained overalls, a tool belt, and heavy workman’s boots. Moern used to work for the Republic, ferreting out traitors and dissidents during the Clone Wars. He had an excellent record and was highly regarded by his superiors.
Tavik Moern was shot dead at the Invisible Hand cantina in the The Gnawer’s Roost district of Coruscant by the Phantom Resistance when he was posing as technician Pavel Trenol in an attempt to capture or kill the rebels.

Tavik Moern

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