A droid turned crime lord


Switch was covered in shiny, ebony-colored plating and was fitted with standard protocol droid systems, including a processor, a vocabulator, a translation unit, and hand appendages. He also carried with him an audio recorder, a hold-out blaster, a comlink, and a datapad.

By the time he became an information broker, Switch had not had a memory wipe for a long while, which allowed him to develop a greater degree of individuality than most droids. The remnants of his protocol droid programming led him to have aspirations of sophistication, and, to demonstrate his refined tastes, he acquired an extensive collection of beverages and a rare, hand-crafted Japor ivory wood desk. Switch spoke with a Coruscanti-Imperial accent and enunciated himself like an upper-class Human, making him sound as urbane as he tried to appear. However, while he spoke cheerily and lightly, he was not as civilized or friendly as he tried to present himself; he gave no value to life and thought nothing of the deaths of sentient beings. Despite his impassiveness, Switch understood the concept of friendship and considered R5-B8 to be his most valued companion. He was persuasive and possessed good criminal acumen, and it was these traits that he used to form his organization and convince the sentient beings who served him to make him their leader.
He had an interest in illicit activities that took place throughout the galaxy, and he made his services available to anyone who was prepared to pay for them. He also liked to flicker his photoreceptors to imitate blinking.


Switch was a protocol droid with masculine programming who worked as both a crime lord and an information broker on the XQ2 Platform Sel Zonn Station in the years following the end of the Clone Wars. Switch established a criminal organization that was based in a storage bay on Sel Zonn Station. He soon became a rival of the Chevin criminal Ganga Lor, and he competed with Lor for control of illegal activities aboard the space station.
In about 17 BBY, Switch was hired by Alderaanian Security to collect and receive one of their agents, who had been frozen in a slab of carbonite while on an assignment in the Deep Core. The protocol droid gained possession of the frozen operative, and the Alderaanian Security agent Maya was dispatched to collect the carbonite slab from Switch. After Maya was attacked by Imperial stormtroopers, a group of spacers met with Switch in her place, and they negotiated with him for the frozen agent’s release. However, just as Switch and the spacers concluded their business, they were attacked by Ganga Lor and a group of his thugs. Switch and the spacers defeated the Chevin, and, shortly afterward, the spacers traveled to the planet Cato Neimoidia on a mission for the Alderaanian Resistance, a rebellious movement led by Senator Bail Organa. A contact working for Switch obtained copies of some encrypted messages that had been sent from the palace of the Hutt Darga on Cato Neimoidia, and Switch ordered his contact to make the messages available to the spacers. Switch later sent the Twi’lek Koroma Moro to compete in the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament on the planet Bespin, and the droid engaged the assistance of the spacers to ensure that Moro won the competition.


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