Jarran Vaus


//Admiral Ulryk Vaus

Name: Straggo Jarran Vaus
Officer Number: C-433
Born: Corellia, Coronet City
Date: Primeday, 6th week, 4th month, 3606 ATC
Father: Ulryk Tenebros Vaus
Mother: Senga Vaus
Sibling(s): SECLEV ONITH
Spouse: Keirynn Vaus

Physical Evaluation

Sex: Male
Race: Human-A
Height: 1.86 meters
Weight: 87 Kg
Skin tone: Fairly light
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Strength: Level 3
Stamina: Level 3
Reflexes: Level 5
Mental: Level 3

Health information access:

In active duty

Academy Educational Degrees

Imperial Law (IL) Level 4 Exam
Imperial History (IH) Level 5 Exam
Imperial Leadership Program (ILP) Level 5 Exam
Imperial Warfare (IW) Level 4 Exam
Human History (HH) Level 4 Exam
Alien Psychology-1 (AP-1) Level 3 Exam
Jedi Psychology-1 (JP-1) Level 4 Exam

Academy Practical Degrees

Field Training (FieTra)
Ensign Training (EnTra)
Navigation Training (NaTra)
Space Pilot Training (SpaPiTra)
Space Combat Training (SpaCoTra)
Command Ship Training (ComSTra)
Stress Training (SteTra)
Combat Training-Basic (ComTra-Bas)
Combat Training-CQ (ComTra-CQ)
Combat Training-CQ Advanced (ComTra-CQAdv)

Service Record

Clone Wars – Assigned as Ensign to Venator-class Star Destroyer, The Challenger.
Current Rank: Commodore



Jarran Vaus

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