x "Six-Six"

TC-663, or Six Six, as he preferred to be called, was a protocol droid who worked as a translator for Darga the Hutt.


Production information

Homeworld: Unknown
Date created: Unknown
Date destroyed: -
Creator: Unknown
Manufacturer: Cybot Galactica
Model: 3PO-series protocol droid
Class: Protocol droid

Technical specifications

Height: 1.67 meters
Mass: 75 kilograms
Gender: Masculine programming
Plating color: Gold
Armament: None
Equipment: Unknown


Six Six disliked the barbaric way that his master treated droids, so he secretly became a contact for the droid information broker Switch and would send him information.

When PCs arrived at Darga’s palace on Cato Neimoidia, the Hutt called over Six Six so that he could translate for them. Around this time Six Six had been monitoring the palace’s communications and noticed that was someone was secretly sending messages to the Galactic Empire while Darga slept. Six Six sent these on to Switch, but the information broker was unable to decrypt them. Switch had done business with the troupe before, so he had TC-663 give them copies of the messages for free, as he hoped that they would be able to decrypt them and share the information with TC-663.

x "Six-Six"

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