Silas Fudd

Starship mechanic of Ord Mantell


A man who looks to be in his mid-forties. Dressed in rough clothes, toolbelt and a perpetual slick film of oil and grime. His dark hair is cut rather short and stands on end due to the state of filth and wear.


Silas Fudd is the proprietor of Fudd’s Mechanics in Great Rock at Ord Mantell.
Shortly after joining forces with the player characters, Silas was kidnapped by agents of the Black Sun crime syndicate and held hostage to be exchanged for Jem Colton. The troupe managed through luck and skill convince the Black Sun Vigo Vilkes Barran that Jem was in fact no longer alive. The Black Sun agreed unwillingly to let Silas go, unscathed.

Silas Fudd

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