A astromech droid with the memory from another droid.


R5-G3 was a astromech with the memory from a droid made by the Jedi Jorei Vaus to keep track of Jem. It’s previous body was a hovering type chassi that had been constructed from scratch. During a mission Jarran Vaus ordered Pet Park to destroy the droid as he feared it might be working for the Black Sun. After finding out the truth of the droid Jarran became determined to mend his brothers creation.

The droid was created from a destroyed clone wars astromech that had been left on the Phantom Base. It followed it’s creator’s last command to keep an eye on Jem and proved to be quite cunning at times when handling computer connections. However, due to the old memory being programmed to fly some of the quirks stuck with it even in the new chassi. The droid’s movements was awkward and random at first.



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