x Lt. Armen Arandis

Lt. Arandis was the picture of Imperial discipline


Lt. Arandis wore his Imperial uniform during the tournament when the characters first encountered him in Cloud City, and each day it looked crisp, clean, and neatly pressed. He was then a young man, perhaps not long out of the Imperial Academy, and his cool gaze was disrupted only by a long scar that cut diagonally across his face, starting at one temple, crossing his right eye, and ending at his upper lip. Lt. Arandis was the picture of Imperial discipline, and he was also an excellent gambler.


Armen Arandis was a male Human who served as a Lieutenant and Imperial tactical officer stationed on the Assiduous.

Arandis competed in the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament on the planet Bespin in about 17 BBY, using the tournament as a cover-up to exchange funds in a clandestine deal with Darga the Hutt.

x Lt. Armen Arandis

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