Lesan Dos

Dos was an up and coming mid-level ISB agent.


Dos was brash, arrogant, and prideful.
He enjoyed using his position and power, and he was much sneakier than some gave him credit for. He used his reputation and visibility to his advantage. Because he had become recognizable in some circles, he used a stand-in when working undercover to give himself an extra layer of protection.

“We’re the Imperial Security Bureau. What we say is principle; what we decide is regulation; what we do is law.”
“And whoever you order shot is dead?”
“So you do understand.”
―Drelfin and Daric LaRone


Dos was an up and coming mid-level ISB agent. He used his prestigious ISB position to intimidate his targets. He was best known for “exposing” so-called alien plots to influence the Imperial Senate. It was widely believed by anti-Imperial activists that his investigations were at best massive distortions of the truth and at worst outright fabrications, but they were very effective in eliminating or arresting political dissenters.

Lesan Dos

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