Jem "Jaesa" Colton


Jem grew up in the small, rural setting of Bela Vistal. The tourist resort attracted many of the rich or well-to-do from Coronet City, and early on, Jem learned how to scale the facades of the buildings to illicitly gain entry to the suites and rooms of the various hotels.

Jem had several close calls of getting busted in her youth, but always managed to sneak off just in time before the guest or hotel security arrived at the scene. Her sometimes companions thought of this as sheer luck, but Jem learned to trust her instincts early and that tingle at the back of her neck, that something was wrong.

After seeing several of her teenage friends be arrested by the authorities, Jem learned that friendship is valuable, but also, close friends can be a liability. Out of these experiences, she will do her best to care and tend her comrades.

As the years passed, Jem transitioned from a teenage misfit to a young adult, learning that the home-grounds of Bela Vistal were too small for her operations and it is only a matter of time before she was discovered by the Imperial security forces now stationed on her homeworld. Therefore she reached out through her network of connections and managed to get a spot as a stow-away on the starship The Banshee for a fee. Unfortunately for Jem, she did not have the credits required for the ticket, so she had to borrow the money from a money-lender named Husk, a shady Devaronian who resided in the run down part of Bela Vistal. Unknown to Jem at the time, she learned later on that Husk is in fact a face-man for the Black Sun crime syndicate.

Jem "Jaesa" Colton

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