Admiral Gilder Varth

Imperial admiral gone rogue and now joined forces with the Alderaanian Resistance


Homeworld: Unknown
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blond
Eye color : Blue


Gilder Varth was an officer in the Republic Navy. He fought at the Battle of Coruscant in the Clone Wars and was later made an admiral in the Imperial Navy.
After leaving the Navy, he began funneling information to Senator Bail Prestor Organa about the Empire and was later arrested on Felucia and imprisoned by Captian Vischera. He was eventually rescued by agents sent by Bail Organa who had been paid to rescue him. He sent the team that rescued him after a Hutt crime lord named Darga on Cato Neimoidia after joining forces with the Alderaanian Resistance.

Admiral Gilder Varth

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