Darga the Hutt

Was a former ruthless crime lord involved in shady dealings with the Galactic Empire


Physical description

Species: Hutt
Gender: Hermaphrodite (masculine personality)


Darga Jiramma Mionne was a young Hutt crime lord who had carved out a small empire on Cato Neimoidia. Though he was nowhere near as successful or mighty as other members of his clan, he believed that his dealings with the Empire would put him on a fast track to power. Darga could smell which way the wind was blowing, and he believed that as the Empire’s influence grew, so would that of its allies. Though Darga understood several languages, he always spoke in Huttese, letting his protocol droid TC-663 translate. He considered all languages other than Huttese to be beneath him.
As the grand sabacc tournament ended in Cloud City, the party captured Darga on his ship “The Glorious Chariot” and at gun point forced Darga to submit and accompany them to “The Resurgence”.

Captain Adrian Verana would after some consideration turn over Darga to his brother’s custody rather than risk being in conflict with the Hutt’s forces.

Darga the Hutt

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