x Crash

A grumpy RX-droid


Crash was a squat, cylindrical RX-Series pilot droid. It used its three clawed limbs to manipulate starship controls and fly vessels.
Crash was painted in a white, yellow, gold and red scheme and its humanoid faceplate sports two glowing photoreceptors and a small speaker.
The droids’ programming also made it an apt copilot and support personnel.
A heuristic processor afforded the RX unit the ability to creatively solve problems, and due to sparse memory wipes, Crash had developed a grumpy personality, not hiding the fact that it found all of its chores tedious and dull.

Production information

Model: RX-Series pilot droid
Class: Pilot droid

Technical specifications

Gender: Masculine programming
Affiliation: Sirona Okeefe



Crash, was an RX-Series pilot droid owned by Sirona Okeefe. Crash worked as Okeefe’s co-pilot aboard the Banshee and had a tendency to complain just about everything rather than doing his chores. He participated in an early Rebel mission to Felucia to rescue Admiral Gilder Varth.

x Crash

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