Dawn of Defiance

Rendezvous at Ord Mantell

Helping a damsel in distress

Flyff and Xer’yth found themselves grounded at the battle-worn planet of Ord Mantell due to a brief skirmish with two TIE-fighters not long after entering the Bright Jewel System, the burly Corellian freighter proved not much of a fight for the highly trained pilots of the Galactic Empire and with damages beyond safety for space-flight, the troupe set down at Ord Mantell.
Scanning the planet from orbit, Xer’yth found the settlement of Great Rock and there the two hired the services of Silas Fudd to repair their torn up ship.
Stranded in the frontier town, the two made their way to the dive of a cantina known as Qexi’s. After brooding for a while over their highly suspicious beverage, the two were approached by a young human female who introduced herself as Renci Tosh.

“You two look like you would help out a lady in distress, no?”
- Renci Tosh

Tosh explained to the miscreants that she herself also had been shot down and her spacecraft were driven into the ground a good bit out of town, and needed to hire the help of others in order to get her ship back, which she claimed had been taken by local criminal elements. Before the three could even leave the cantina, four security guards entered Qexi’s and started to ask their way to Renci by describing her. These were recognized by Xer’yth as a local crime lords minions and that they were up to no good, and also confirming the story of Renci Tosh of falling afoul with the local criminals. A short, but extremely violent scrap took place at Qexi’s, ending with all four goons laying dead on the dirty floor and the group ran out of town before more antagonists showed up.

While in the forest of Ord Mantell they soon picked up and started to backtrack the path of Renci from her point of origin. Most of the trek were uneventful and offered a time of reflection and conversation until they were jumped by a Mantellian Savrip that almost killed Renci Tosh with it’s vicious claws and ended up in a close quarter fight with Flyff as Xer’yth assisted with his blaster. Scraped, battered and poisoned the Togorian Flyff survived, as did the other two and after a couple of hours of tending wounds and regaining their bearings they pushed on towards the location of the ship.

Forest turned into a rocky desert-like environment, and deep gorges opened up. As their trek continued, they followed the tracks down a maze-like canyon and beyond onto an arid plain dotted with rocks and thorny shrubs. Not far from the cliffs, the troupe found what they originally set out to find – a crater, surrounded by scorched dirt and deep cuts into the hard ground. Evidence of a small ship crashing, but no sign of the ship itself. After scanning the surroundings, they spotted tracks leading away from the crash-site in the opposite direction of where they came from. It was obvious that raiders looted the site and actually made off with the whole ship.

Tracking the raiders guided the troupe to a distant mesa with a makeshift crane and chipped out tracks along its side. Scaling the cable of the crane, the two men got a good overview of the raider’s base on top of the mesa and a heavy blaster fight erupted, ending up with Xer’yth severely injured on the brink of death, but by a stroke of luck or perhaps influence of a force greater than themselves, they all got out with their hearts still beating and with a good rack of loot with them.

Back at Great Rock, Renci Tosh again asked for a favor of the crew – her starfighter was found beyond repair and now she needed transportation to her actual destination. The group agreed to take her to Sel Zonn Station for a fee of 5000 credits…


MaLa MaLa

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