Dawn of Defiance

Traitor's Gambit pt. 2

How the group got squashed...

After being briefed by Senator Bail Prestor Organa the group set out for Felucia. After disembarking The Banshee and leaving Sirona Okeefe and her droid Crash behind the group started a tedious trek through the mushroom jungle of Felucia.
After meeting with Mandrake at the native village, the group spotted a scout trooper darting from the village on his speeder and they took up the chase. Flyff accidentally woke up a dying Rancor who had lied down to slowly fade away under the moss of the planet, after a brief fight with the beast, Flyff was rendered incapacitated and shortly after Rizuri met the same fate. As the noise of the fighting rung through the jungle, Rango turned her Kybuck and galloped back to investigate what befell her comrades only to be smashed into pulp by the rancor…


MaLa MaLa

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