Dawn of Defiance

Traitor's Gambit pt. 1

The Sel Zonn Station

Flyff Softpaws escorted Renci Tosh to Sel Zonn Station above Brentaal and met Rango and Content Not Found: rizuri.
At the station the three first got into a fight with two imperial stormtroopers at the Promenade as they saved the life of the Alderaanian security officer Maya who was at the station to meet with the crime lord Switch for a deliver of a certain parcel that was due for Alderaan.
As Maya was seriously wounded in the shoot-out at the Promenade, she put faith in the troupe to carry out her orders and meet with Switch and receive the package. Unknown to her and the troupe, the package consisted of an Alderaanian agent, frozen in carbonite, already seized by Imperial forces and was just about to be prepared to be shipped off station and to undisclosed location for debriefing and imprisonment.
The troupe learned of the location of the package from Switch and at Blue Deck of the station, they went head on with a patrol of stormtroopers to gain control of the frozen agent. As they succeeded in defeating the opposition, they discovered that their retreat was blocked by reinforcements and they locked themselves in the hangar.
With only space as their escape route, Maya and captain Sirona Okeefe jumped to the groups rescue and lifted them off station and jumped through hyperspace to the planet of Alderaan where they met with Senator Bail Prestor Organa.
Senator Organa greeted the group as equals, but still distanced enough to mark his status as senator. In an audience he explained that he had another delicate problem which he needed direct action from the player characters to handle.


MaLa MaLa

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