Dawn of Defiance

The team chased Darga the Hutt down to Cloud City. But at location, all traces of the Hutt went cold and no matter what means employed, nobody at the floating city either couldn’t or didn’t dare to speak of where to find the crime lord.
The team found out that the Galactic Empire were to meet an agent of the Hutt during the big Sabbacc Tournament at the Royal Casino, and they made preparations to intercept this transaction.
The imperial agent, Lt. Armen Arandis were put under close surveillance, but eluded Jem Colton each time he left the casino floor and ventured out into the streets. On the thrid day of the tournament, the group identified both agents and learned that the valuable transaction was a string of code, soon identified as a radio frequency.
As Silas Draver went for the winnings of the tournament, he shot the imperial officer dead, and severely wounded Lady Mirana Fioro, whom the group were able to save through the quick thinking of Jorei Vaus. In gratitude for saving her life, Lady Fioro spoke openly with Jorei about her part in the scheme, and also where to find the Hutt. She also stated that now that Darga was aware of their presence, neither he or the Galactic Empire would hesitate to destroy all evidence of their dealings.
Confronted by the facts that perhaps thousands of innocent slaves would be killed in space, Jorei ushered his comrades to head to Darga’s hangar to seize the computer terminal needed to interact with the slave ship “The Shackles of Nizon”.
The attack on the hangar was swift, leaving Darga alive, but will all of his present cronies killed by the party. Deciding to leave in haste, they stole Darga’s ship “”/wikis/the-glorious-chariot" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Glorious Chariot" and headed out into space to prevent the slave ship from being destroyed.
After a brief skirmish with the forces of the Empire, the group were able to escort “The Shackles of Nizon” from the fray and watched as it disappeared into hyperspace.


MaLa MaLa

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